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Advanced microwave hyperthermia treatment platform for breast cancer

Breast Cancer Treatment

Hyperthermia Therapy

At ThermoOncology we are bringing a safe and effective cancer therapy, hyperthermia therapy, to the recently validated use case of breast cancer therapy.

We offer a specialized hardware/software platform that uses advanced micro-adjustment algorithms and image processing techniques to plan, optimize, target, and execute on microwave hyperthermia therapy to mitigate breast cancer tumors.

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Our Team

Parham Geramifar


Dr. Geramifar holds a Ph.D. degree in Medical Radiation Engineering and is a member of the faculty at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

He is an expert in Cancer therapy and diagnosis and has years of experience in his field along with several publications. Dr. Geramifar’s research area covers medical devices that are applicable in Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis along with Pre-clinical and Clinical trials.

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Alireza Sourani


Alireza is a Mathematician and a software developer.

He has an MSc Degree in mathematics, and he has been a university professor and software developer.

Roshanak Rashti

COO & Regulatory Officer

Doctorate in medicine, Roshanak is a General Practitioner & manager of her medical office.

Roshank was Practicing in different medical departments including cancer therapy. She has been working as a manager for a rural healthcare group. She also holds several certificates in the field of Medicine and medicine course training.

Azar Nozari

Business Development and Digital Marketing Lead

Azar is an industrial engineer. She has been working in her field of study for more than 17 years by running her own business.

She established her own company, Hafez Kar, giving consulting to other companies to control their project along with being active in import and export. She is an expert in marketing and daily company operations. She holds some certificates in digital marketing as well.