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We offer breast cancer treatment by hyperthermia therapy using our proprietary hardware and software that use advanced analysis and adjustment algorithms and image processing techniques.

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Advanced Hyperthermia Therapy

ThermoOncology enables a safe and effective treatment for breast cancer using targeted microwave therapy.

Combining our propriety software, TO-Plan, and hardware, the TO-M1, which use advanced algorithms and imaging, ThermoOncology plans, optimizes, targets, and executes on microwave hyperthermia therapy to mitigate breast cancer tumors.

mitigate breast cancer tumors with

Minimum side effects

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At ThermoOncology we are dedicated to bring safe and effective cancer therapy, hyperthermia therapy, to breast cancer treatment

micro adjustments


TO-M1 uses cameras and a specially tailored material in order to stabilize and correctly target treatment as defined during planning.

maximum effectiveness

Safe & Effective

Precise region shape and depth of penetration analysis by using a combination of our proprietary wideband antenna and software

Image Processing


Image processing algorithm to interpret, segment, and 3D model a computational phantom of the patient using standard CT and photo imaging data.

introducing Thermo Oncology

Targeted Microwave Therapy

In hyperthermia therapy, the whole or part of the patient body is subjected to a temperature in range of 40-44 ΒΊC for specific periods of time.

Since tumor cells are more sensitive to temperatures in this range, as compared to normal tissue cells, these cells are the ones that get damaged by high temperatures in this therapy.

importance of accuracy

Micro Adjustment Algorithms

In order to have a successful treatment outcome, it is essential to control the target cells’ temperature. Our imaging-based micro-adjustment algorithms, uses positioning, pressure, and imaging data to make corrections to the treatment in real time as the breast moves or changes shape

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