Patients’ Trust in the Use of AI in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Patients’ Trust in the Use of AI in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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A new review examines breast cancer patients’ attitudes towards AI in breast imaging, highlighting the importance of patient trust and acceptance. Patients prefer AI to augment rather than replace the diagnostic process, emphasizing the necessity of radiologists’ expertise in conjunction with AI. The study advocates for AI implementation aligned with patient needs and expectations, underlining the necessity for human interaction in healthcare. #BreastCancer#AIinHealthcare

More details for interested readers:
Pesapane, F.; Giambersio, E.; Capetti, B.; Monzani, D.; Grasso, R.; Nicosia, L.; Rotili, A.; Sorce, A.; Meneghetti, L.; Carriero, S.; et al. Patients’ Perceptions and Attitudes to the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Narrative Review. Life 2024, 14, 454.



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