AI-assisted diagnosis revolutionize the early detection of Breast Cancer

AI-assisted diagnosis revolutionize the early detection of Breast Cancer

Dear #ThermoOncology Followers;

How might AI-assisted diagnosis revolutionize the early detection of diseases (especially #Breast#Cancer), and what other surprising applications could AI have in healthcare?

Let’s look at the interesting findings of an AI tool called #Mia, in #breastcancer#early#diagnosis#Mia successfully identified minute signs of #breastcancer in 11 women that human doctors had overlooked. Analyzing the mammograms of over 10,000 women, Mia accurately flagged all those with symptoms, including 11 cases that doctors had missed. This highlights the pivotal role of AI in medical diagnosis, particularly in detecting #earlystage#cancers that are challenging for human eyes to discern. The demonstration of Mia’s capability at NHS Grampian, revealing practically invisible tumors, underscores the potential for #AI to aid in the rapid and precise identification of #cancer, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

More information in this link:

AI generated image for the role of AI in the medical diagnosis of women’s cancers.



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