Advancements in Modern Hyperthermia

Advancements in Modern Hyperthermia

Dear #ThermoOncology Followers;

In recent decades, hyperthermia has garnered significant attention as a promising approach to cancer therapy, leading to the development of more advanced techniques for targeted tumor heating. Although hyperthermia is still not widely adopted due to the challenges of achieving optimal tumor temperatures while sparing healthy tissue, ongoing research suggests its potential benefits. Evidence indicates that hyperthermia can enhance the efficacy of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, offering hope for treating tumors that are resistant to conventional methods. As research continues to unfold, hyperthermia holds promise for becoming a widely used and effective cancer therapy.

In this regard, in #ThermoOncology, we introduced an AI-based dedicated software that defines the lesions and finds the optimum angles/ best treatment based on the patient’s lesion location and size to deliver the heat. To fully cover the treatment chamber and to have enough capability to focus the radiation at the desired points in this chamber, we have reached the arrangement of 11 antennas. These antennas are specially designed for the dimensions of the treatment chamber, to have minimum radiation leakage and maximum control over focusing the designed radiation for treating tumors resistant to conventional methods.



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