Hyperthermia affects paradigm in Cancer treatment!

Hyperthermia affects paradigm in Cancer treatment!

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Let’s see how #Hyperthermia affects paradigm in Cancer treatment! In an interesting review published in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution, the three-phase paradigm for achieving cancer cell extinction was discussed.

Phase I involves timed cycles of starvation, #hyperthermia, and chemotherapy to protect the patient and target metastatic disease.

Phase II includes chemotherapy and #hyperthermia timed with re-feeding after starvation to eliminate hibernating cancer cells.

Phase III combines continuous chemo or targeted therapies with metabolic state switches to drive extinction, integrating knowledge from various fields, including the vertebrate infection response to combat cancer.

Don’t miss this interesting paper: “Starvation and Climate Change—How to Constrain Cancer Cell Epigenetic Diversity and Adaptability to Enhance Treatment Efficacy. [Review]. Front Ecol Evol, 9.”



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