It shouldn’t be this hard to get treatment!

It shouldn’t be this hard to get treatment!

The challenges of navigating breast cancer treatment

Dear #ThermoOncology Followers;
This is a short video from a strong woman who ended her chemotherapy and told us about her challenges.

Kittana Ruels, a woman from Ontario, successfully beat stage 3 #breastcancer after facing challenges in getting proper treatment. She recently marked the end of her #chemotherapy by ringing the bell. During her battle, she struggled with diagnosis and treatment due to the lack of a family doctor. She had to skip radiation treatment due to financial constraints in traveling to Sudbury. Despite overcoming this difficult period, she emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy in navigating the healthcare system and hopes her experience raises awareness about healthcare issues in #Canada.

See the full interview here:
Ontario woman who beat stage 3 breast cancer says it shouldn’t be this hard to get treatment (



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